Benchmarking Your Compensation & Benefits Plans

We are often asked by our clients to provide benchmark information on compensation and benefits best practices. Regardless of your industry, you want assurance that the compensation and benefits you provide to your employees is comparable or better than that offered by your competitors. While some clients engage Helios to develop a customized Compensation & Benefits program for their organization, others prefer to conduct their own research and develop this in-house.

We’ve gathered a number of resources for those interested in researching this information on their own. Some of these are free, others require a subscription or one-time purchase. But all have been vetted and used by the team at Helios HR and we have found them to be quite valuable in our own research.

Culpepper Compensation and Benefits Surveys -

Core Compensation Surveys

Other Culpepper Surveys

Mercer -
Western Management Group -

  • US Compensation Surveys – Participation Required

Compdata Surveys -

  • Compensation
  • Executive Compensation
  • Benefits USA

Foote Partners LLC -

  • IT Professional Survey/US

Business and Legal Reports (BLR) -

  • Salary Center
  • State Compensation Law Analysis
  • Customizable Compensation Tools
  • “Ask the Experts”

Economic Research Institute -
Salary Survey Software Versions

  • Professional Edition
  • Consultant Edition

Software Title

  • Salary Assessor
  • Geographic Assessor
  • Relocation Assessor
  • Executive Compensation Assessor
  • Nonprofit Salary Assessor
  • Occupational Assessor

Compensation Benchmarking

  • All Health Care Survey
  • All Manufacturing Survey

Salary Survey

  • All Non-Profits Salary Survey
  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities Salary Survey
  • Associations and Charities Support Services Salary Survey
  • Charitable Food and Nutrition Support Services Salary Survey
  • Environmental Services Salary Survey
  • Forestry and Wildlife Salary Survey
  • Foundations Salary Survey
  • Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, and Crematories Salary Survey
  • Government – City Support Services Salary Survey
  • Government – State Support Services
  • Health Care Associations and Disciplines Salary Survey
  • Health Care Services Salary Survey
  • Human Services Salary Survey
  • International, Foreign, Affairs, and National Security Salary Survey
  • Low Cost Housing Construction and Services Salary Survey
  • Medical Research Salary Survey
  • Mental Health Hospitals and Services Salary Survey
  • Mutual, Membership, Benefit and Pension Entities Salary Survey
  • Political, Labor, and International Entities Salary Survey
  • Public Education Salary Survey
  • Religious Support Services Salary Survey
  • Retirement Care and Human Services Salary Survey
  • Science and Technology Research Salary Survey
  • Social Science Services and Research Salary Survey
  • Veterinary Services and Animal Care Salary Survey
  • Youth Development Services Salary Survey

Benefits Benchmarking

  • Benefits in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey


  • Washington DC Metro high technology company compensation survey

Washington DC and Baltimore Area surveys

  • 2008 Compensation Survey Report
  • Benefits Survey Report
  • Government Contractors Survey
  • Salary Planning Survey

Wachovia -
* Washington DC Metro Benefit and Work/Life Survey

Free Benchmarking Services

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Occupational Pay Comparisons across Metropolitan Areas
Bureau of Labor Statistics -National Compensation Survey