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Attracting & Hiring Talent

Helios HR Hiring Solutions

Now more than ever, businesses are facing greater challenges with attracting and hiring talent. The hiring landscape continues to be increasingly competitive, with the best candidates receiving more than one offer when conducting their job search. With the skilled labor shortage, recruiters are battling for attention to stand out, and they have to move quickly before someone else does. Attracting and hiring talent takes skill, expertise, reputation, resources and a tremendous network.

We understand that not every organization has the time or ability to build a high-performing recruiting function to attract and hire talent, that’s why we’re here to help.

Recruiting and Search Services

Are you having trouble finding the right fit for a current opening? Or maybe you need to hire several key roles in a short timeframe. Our recruiting consulting team has vast experience with a broad range of industries and positions, giving our clients the benefit of working with an established team with incredibly strong networks. When you work with Helios, we handle the entire recruiting process – from sourcing strategy development, phone interviews, in-person interviews, scheduling final candidate interviews with our clients, to extending the offer and conducting background checks.

Recruiting Effectiveness

Do you have a great recruiting team already in-house, but you aren’t sure if your process is effective or if you are in compliance with government regulations as a federal contractor? Our recruiting consulting team will help you develop your recruiting sourcing strategy, employer brand, and/or take a look at your processes to provide recommendations for improved results. With a Recruiting Assessment, we will review your current procedures, the roles and responsibilities, the onboarding and assimilation program to position your business for continued success as you grow and scale.

Workforce Planning

Do you have the right people with the right skills in the right roles?  As your strategic planning partner, Helios HR consultants will guide you through the process of aligning your organizational objectives with the talent needed to achieve your goals. We will help you identify gaps in capabilities and skill-sets necessary for growth as well as analyze anticipated demands to establish talent strategies for future success.

Compensation Analysis

Have you noticed a trend that your organization is losing candidates after making an offer? Perhaps you are seeking verification and a deeper understanding of what your competitors are offering candidates in terms of salary and benefits. By conducting a salary analysis, Helios HR compensation consultants will benchmark positions specific to your industry, size, and location and confirm if your salaries are in the bottom, middle or top of the pay band. This practice will also inform decisions on talent affordability, which may adjust your hiring plans moving forward.


“My expectations were far exceeded by Helios’ approach to recruiting and their responsiveness to our needs. The quality of the candidates was excellent and I feel comfortable knowing that I have Helios as a partner when I need to find a superstar for our organization.”- Shelley Smith, IBM Global Services