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Compliance Uncertainty

“We were just a contract in the federal space and are now approaching various compliance thresholds.”

How Helios Can Help:

businessman looking over his glasses with clipboard on hand - frOFCCP Audits; Affirmative Action Plans; EEO-1 and VETS-100 Reporting; SCA:

Helios has a depth in HR consulting in the government contracting space. With expert knowledge of OFCCP, Affirmative Action, Service Contract Act, Employee Benefit and other HR compliance regulations, Helios deploys a team of resources to ensure you are prepared for each stage of government contracting.

Beautiful Woman with Pencil and Folder Isolated on White.

HR Effectiveness & Compliance Assessment:

Often times quick-growth comes with a realization that important steps were missed along the way. Perhaps your employee files are a mess. Perhaps you forgot to establish job descriptions for all of the new positions. By conducting an analysis of current state and desired future state, Helios establishes a roadmap for communicating priorities, based on compliance as well as best practices as they apply to the core functional areas of HR.

RFP Response and Contract Award Recruiting:

Faced with the need to fill several positions quickly and within budget? Helios’ team of recruiters has the resources necessary to rapidly fill positions.

Interim HR Management Outsourcing:

Through a combination of onsite and remote work, Helios will leverage a strategic HR Business Partner that will serve as your dedicated HR Director by maintaining your current initiatives and identifying opportunities for organizational effectiveness and compliance.

“PFC Energy has come an enormous distance, from having essentially no HR Function beyond minimal payroll and benefits administration, to having in place many of the key building blocks for a strategic approach to HR. We have also addressed dozens of compliance and best practice issues relating to HR processes, benefits, records and other important matters. Working with the Helios team has given our senior managers and partners a real understanding of HR best practices and the importance of strategic HR approach for a service business like ours whose success depends on recruiting and retaining highly skilled specialists. Credit for our progress goes to the entire Helios team for the way you have learned our business, got to know our people, and provided the necessary mix of expertise and support to tackle a wide range of issues.” – Antonia Bullard, COO of PFC Energy