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Solutions for Your HR Leader Vacancy

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Considering a Retained Search?

The cost of selecting the wrong person can run into the hundreds of thousands, not to mention the potential negative impact to employee morale and productivity. According to a study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), it could cost up to five times a bad hire’s annual salary. With precise attention to detail, diligent research and focus, extensive pipelines and networks, and expertise in all areas of recruiting, a retained search firm will deliver a thorough and efficient recruiting process which produces top candidates quickly bringing greater impact and value to your organization.

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Contingent Vs. Retained Search: Which is Best?

By Amy Stark

When a firm needs to make an executive or senior level hire, many consider working with a search agency. As HR and Talent Acquisition consultants, we get asked all of the time about what the differences are between the several search options. The most common question we get asked is the similarities and differences of a contingent […]

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Best Tips for an Executive Search

By Keebie Clements

Many organizations today have the latest technology and the greatest physical resources.  But if those organizations do not have the right people, they will always struggle to achieve the results they desire. Best Tips for an Executive Search: Preparing with Purpose: A good starting point to hiring the right executive is to first understand the company’s […]

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Hiring a Consultant vs. Hiring a Temp

Let’s say that your HR Director resigns unexpectedly.  Or he or she goes on an unplanned leave of absence.  What do you do?  These situations can be vexing, particularly when there’s no time to plan and all of a sudden, someone must step into the role.  One strategy that many companies pursue is hiring a temporary employee through a staffing agency.  Especially when there is an obvious and urgent need for someone to handle the day-to-day activities, this can seem like a smart thing to do.  But hiring a consultant instead has some significant advantages... Read more >>>

How to Know if Your Business Needs Strategic HR

By Kayla Dineen

“Strategic HR”. It’s a buzzword in the HR industry that has been around for some time and I anticipate it will be around for a while longer. This concept of strategic HR is floated frequently and it’s quite possible that like many other business owners, you find yourself asking “what is strategic HR and how […]

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The Hidden Costs You’re Paying with Employee Turnover

By Alex Thompson

The Cost of Turnover Adds Up Fast! When calculating the cost of employee turnover, most companies do their due diligence by calculating all the tangible costs together, such as: Exit costs- HR, client, managerial time; Absence Costs- loss of work coverage, productivity disruption; Recruitment Costs- advertisement, recruitment, interviews; and Onboarding- Onboarding, new hire training, productivity […]

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What Employee Turnover Really Costs Your Company

By Debra Kabalkin

By definition turnover is the rate at which an employer’s workforce turns over. As an HR Business Partner at Helios, we perform audits for our clients and one of the HR metrics we ask about is turnover. The higher the percentage the more we investigate to ensure there is not a systemic problem within the organization.

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