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Lacking Efficiency & Effectiveness

“I think we could be more effective with our human capital. Is there a better way to do things?”

How Helios Can Help:


HR & Recruiting Effectiveness Assessment:

Often times quick-growth comes with a realization that important steps were missed along the way because you are overwhelmed with conflicting priorities. Perhaps your employee files are a mess, you forgot to establish job descriptions for all of the new positions, or processes like your compensation philosophy have been overlooked. By conducting an analysis of current state and desired future state, Helios establishes a road-map, based on compliance as well as best practices as they apply to the core functional areas of HR and recruiting. Additionally, Helios will evaluate your team to ensure their strengths are being leveraged for maximum productivity and high performance.

HR Technology Analysis:

Helios understands the need for efficiency and encourages the use of technology whenever possible. That said, all HR Information Systems (HRIS) are not created equal. Helios can not only recommend the right technology solution for your company; Helios can take the substantial amount of administrative work off of your shoulders by leading the implementation behind the scenes.