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Clients We Serve

Helios works with organizations of all sizes, industries and sectors – bringing the best innovative practices and programs to each engagement.


We believe that regardless of the size or industry, people ultimately achieve organizational goals. For organizations that share this belief, the Helios team delivers remarkable results.

The expansive background of our team and years in the HR industry give us the ability to quickly acclimate to and be successful in, practically any organizational environment. When clients work with Helios, they receive proven methodologies, innovative and strategic recommendations, and custom human capital solutions that are specific to their unique business.

Not all organizations we speak to are a good fit.

If we feel that we are having to convince you on why your people matter or why you should invest in the development of your team, we may not be a good fit for your organization. We work hard to avoid situations where we may not be able to deliver the results our clients expect. We also believe that if you are an emerging business with under 20 employees, with a great benefits broker and payroll partner, you may not need Helios HR…yet. (We love your forward-thinking and look forward to partnering with you soon though!)

Clients We Serve

HR Management Outsourcing Client Profiles:

Our HR Management Outsourcing engagements are the perfect solution for many organizations that range between 25 – 200 employees that aren’t ready to hire a full-time HR Leader or that currently have an HR Associate who needs strategic and operational guidance. These clients are typically:

Interim HR Management Outsourcing Client Profiles:

feb14-22Our Interim HR Management engagements are for when you need a HR Leader for a minimum of 3 months because:

  • Your HR Director just resigned and you want to be intentional in finding the right fit with your next hire;
  • Your HR Manager is out on maternity leave or FMLA; or
  • You are experiencing a transition and need additional strategic leadership for your team. 

Human Capital Consulting Client Profiles:

Many of our Human Capital Consulting engagements compliment the existing strengths of your team by serving as an extension of your HR department to accomplish a project. These might look like:

  • A growing Government Contractor that just reached the 50 person threshold that is concerned about their compliance in order to maintain their newly awarded federal contracts.
  • An organization with 100 – 50,000 employees that needs help with job description development, performance management, manager training or salary survey benchmarking for example.
  • A national non-profit experiencing a transition that requires a culture survey and change management strategy.

Recruiting Client Profiles:

Helios will partner with our clients for recruiting when:

  • You are rapidly growing and do not have a recruiter/recruiting team in-house to fill multiple positions, and want us to manage the sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, reference checking, and the offer extension as part of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing model. 
  • You are looking for a top-notch HR leader. We have a vast network of HR professionals and know who to hire (and who not to hire) to get you to your next stage through a Retained Placement Search.
  • You feel like something is off with your current recruiting process and would like to confirm if you have the best practices in place, verify compliance and/or receive recommendations for process enhancement.