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Kathy Albarado, CEO, Helios HRHelios CEO, Kathy Albarado had seen the lows of improper leadership and the success of building a culture of intention, and it was through those experiences that Helios’ mission was formed: to work with enlightened leaders to help them grow a culture of intention. A culture that attracts, engages, and retains exceptional people and leads to success for the entire organization.

Our employees are drawn to Helios because the company’s values align with their own and they want to make a difference—every day, every engagement.  Our consultants believe in responding quickly, adapting to changes, and carefully tailoring services to help our clients grow effective cultures.

We believe companies should be choosy when they engage consultants and we are equally selective.  We strive to help both our team and our clients to realize and achieve to the best of their capabilities, even if they don’t recognize them yet. As thought leaders, we facilitate opportunities for our clients and other organizations in the community to connect and share innovative trends.

In this spirit, our Apollo Awards program was launched to recognize leaders that are dedicated to employee development, engagement, and community impact supporting collaboration over competition.  Additionally we recognize that the community is bigger than the organizations we serve, and act as a leader in giving back and supporting those less fortunate around us.  We leverage our relationships to make big things happen within our clients, partners and for our communities.

At Helios, we believe in the power of energy.  It is not enough to have a plan, or to know what needs to be done.  Grand visions can only be accomplished when we apply energy to them. In everything we do at Helios, it is our vision to inspire cultures of intention. Our goal is to utilize our knowledge to help enlightened leaders leverage their HR initiatives to attract, retain, and grow exceptional talent for their organizations. The ultimate outcome for Helios is finding success in each opportunity to elevate the capabilities of everyone we touch by being a catalyst for meaningful change.

“I value the important work you and Helios  HR play in the vitality of the county and in building a strong business community in Northern Virginia!” – Dr. Angel Cabrera, President, George Mason University