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About Apollo

Celebrating Talent Development

The Helios Apollo Awards Program Celebrating Talent Development in Washington DCHelios founded the Apollo Awards 10 years ago to recognize organizations in the Greater Washington area that demonstrate exceptional talent development programs. The honorees of Apollo are building cultures of intention. They have created an environment where people bring enthusiasm and commitment to their work every day, which impacts the community and benefits us all. By sharing their stories, the honorees inspire our colleagues in Washington to achieve even more. To focus on what more they can do to develop and engage their teams and serve the community in which we all work and live.

“Thank you for your leadership and for the Helios Apollo Awards. My experience this morning reinforced my belief that the Washington, DC business community has a vibrant ecosystem, with companies creating innovative impactful human capital management strategies regardless of their size or stage. Helios has been a clear leader in creating this pervasive culture and recognition of it, and for that I thank you and your team. David and I were both honored that the esteemed judging committee selected New Signature, and our entire team was overjoyed to hear the news. There was actually more than a bit of excited celebrating when the news was announced. Thank you again for your time and consideration, and for all that you do for the DC metro community.” – Chris Hertz, New Signature


The Helios Apollo Awards Program Celebrating Talent Development in Washington DCOrganizations must have a location in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to be eligible for the Helios Apollo Awards. All industries and sectors (including, but not limited to nonprofit, commercial, government contracting, and government agencies) may apply. The awards are also open to organizations of all sizes – from less than 10 to more than 50,000 employees.

Ideal Nominees

Chances are you know a potential Helios Apollo Award honoree, ideal nominees:

  1. Create cultures that promote learning and innovation;
  2. Build individual and team strengths;
  3. Communicate opportunities for growth;
  4. Commit to community service; and
  5. Attract and retain exceptional people.

“I want to say THANK YOU to all involved in the nomination and awards process. It was so well done and organized, and I want to specifically acknowledge Helios for their energy and wonderfully positive spirit.”  – Denise Crute, IQ Solutions


Applications are Accepted December 1st – February 1st, 2016

The Helios Apollo Awards Program Celebrating Talent Development in Washington DCIn honor of our 10 year anniversary, we are pleased to announce that the Apollo Awards application has been revamped! Applicants will have the option to submit a narrative for at least one of the following talent development programs: 1) Assimilation and Onboarding; 2) Employment Brand; 3) Community Outreach; 4) Mentorship/Coaching; 5) Innovative Technology; 6) Leadership Development; 7) Culture; 8) Communication; 9) Recognition and 10) Career Development. Final applications are required to be submitted online by Friday, February 1, 2015 11:59 PM.

Benefits of ApplyingThe Helios Apollo Awards Program Celebrating Talent Development in Washington DC

Time and time again, organizations have shared that there is value in just applying for the Apollo Awards.

  • Recognition as a thought leader through videos, white papers, public speaking opportunities, etc.
  • Promotion and visibility of your brand to thousands of leaders in Washington.
  • Communication of your culture and value proposition to prospective candidates.
  • Differentiation of your organization from competitors.
  • Understand how your programs compare to other organizations of similar size and industry.
  • Content sharing – learn innovative, new and exciting best practices in employee growth and development.
  • Connect and network with like-minded, enlightened leaders in the Washington area.
  • Access to the Apollo Awards Community and invitations to exclusive events (often valid for HR recertification credits).

For more information, please contact apolloawards@helioshr.com.