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By: Kathy Albarado on March 14th, 2011

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Harnessing the Power of Enterprising Women

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Wow. As I travel back from the Enterprising Women conference and awards gala I realize how ill prepared I was. Not prepared for the level of camaraderie, support, creativity and excitement that I found in collective abundance.  49 female CEOs from around our nation and Canada were honored as award winners across multiple categories and represented incredible diversity. Diversity in products, in services, in cultures  and in background.  Yet these women were far more similar than different.

A differentiator of these women is that they don’t want to be just the ‘best’ in their industry.  They want to ‘change’ their industry.  Their vision is to have their company be seen as an employer of choice, all while ensuring philanthropy is a part of their corporate culture.

Giving back is integral to their leadership as they are personally involved in expanding and enhancing philanthropy in their community.

These women are gracious, authentic and supportive. They believe in ‘loving your mistakes’ as they’re the best learning tool you have.    I encourage you to check out Enterprising Women magazine and consider nominating a deserving CEO for the 2012 award. Then come to the conference and awards gala. You’ll be very pleased you did. ~ Kathy Albarado