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By: Kathy Albarado on March 12th, 2012

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CEO Spotlight: Art Hurtado of Invertix

Business Management & Strategy


We've interviewed the leader of a fastest growing company, Art Hurtado, President and CEO of Invertix, a high performance team where the idea wins. Art attributes their success to continual investment in professional development, facilities and processes to make innovation a living part of their culture.

Helios: What are you most proud of accomplishing at Invertix?

Art Hurtado: Culture- I’m most proud of our culture. This is where we define “What Matters Most” with every employee at Invertix:

  • Value-   Demonstrated with great customers, talent and opportunity.
  • Relevance- Incessantly driving relevant technology.
  • Excellence- Creating an environment where people can excel and people are rewarded.
Helios: To what do you attribute your strong growth?

Art Hurtado: It’s not a hidden secret or a mystery.

  • We seek talented people for our team;
  • Through the great work that they do, they identify additional opportunity for growth; and the
  • Quality of technology services we delivery to our customers. Our vision is engineering national security. Our offerings have great significance and relevance to our clients.
Helios: What are some of your strategies for employee development? And how do you measure the impact?

Art Hurtado: We place a lot of emphasis on higher education and graduated our first PhD that we fully funded!  We support various certifications that are vital to our organization. Our systems integration lab is a great platform for learning.  We also have a very strong mentorship program. We have invested in high performance training and have a strong program that recognizes our star performers. We see this impacted by increased retention and strong continual  performance.

Helios: What one piece of advice do you wish someone had shared with you that you would now share with fellow CEOs?

Art Hurtado: Early on in your company, hire people that are smarter than you. Learn to hire up and delegate down in your leadership tenure early. People will not step up to a level of responsibility until you back away from them.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate! We have a CEO on the Air Show once a month, where everyone dials into a conference call since our offices are spread throughout the country. This is one of the tools that we leverage in ensuring our communication is intentional and consistent.

Helios: What feedback would you share with HR executives as they support growing organizations?

Art Hurtado: Focus on the two or three programs that have enduring value for everyone. I see these as:

  1. A strong one-day up orientation;
  2. Keep reinforcing the strength of your employee programs and your benefits and
  3. Drive a professional development program across the company.

Invertix Corporation is a technology company serving the greater national security community. We address complex research and development, engineering, and mission support challenges in the areas of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; enterprise information technology; and communications mission systems. For more information about Invertix, please visit their website at