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By: Natalie O'Laughlin on August 14th, 2012

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CEO Spotlight: Christopher Hertz, New Signature

Business Management & Strategy | Employee Relations


This month Helios sat with New Signature CEO, Christopher Hertz to find out his passion on workforce development, organizational growth, and building a culture to motivate and inspire.

Helios: What’s your passion as a leader and as an organization?

Christopher Hertz: In one word, it’s professional development. What’s exciting is seeing people grow together. By having passion from the top, I can learn ways that I can improve, the way the workforce can improve, how we can improve as a group through technical certification tests and continuous learning.

Helios: You are speaking as a panelist on September 20th at the SmartCEO Matrix luncheon. What key employee development programs do you hope to speak to?

Christopher Hertz: I’d like the opportunity to speak about workforce development. Organizations are missing the boat by not tapping into individuals who are undertrained or underdeveloped. That talent is being wasted and we could improve the local economy if we all took the time to invest in them. One organization that we support, Year Up, seeks to close this opportunity divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience and support to help them reach their potential through professional careers and higher education. New Signature provides internships to Year Up students and in fact, four of our full-time employees came to us first as Year Up interns.

That brings me to my second point; organizations need to have a thorough and rigorous process such as a university in delivering professional development opportunities. Employees need to be encouraged to ask to go to a class, and you as the employer should send them. It’s imperative to have a process or approach on development in order to attract and retain talent. I believe by making investments in our workforce as a whole, we will be a better company and economy.

Helios: You’ve been on a couple of fastest growing lists. How have you accomplished such growth?

Christopher Hertz: It’s about executing on all facets of the organization on all lines of the business. We execute consistently with everyone we’re engaged with and we’re achieving results. You can’t run too quickly when you’re growing. I find partners to be my counterweight on areas of weakness. Some struggle when organizations grow over 30 people because of control. Growth is about trusting that people can do great things. Really great ideas float to the top…accelerate these ideas and create a comfortable environment and culture.

Helios: How has the culture at New Signature evolved?

Christopher Hertz: My role as (CEO and) Chief Cultural Officer is to ensure that our culture remains true to our core values and we expand staff diversity to tap into great new ideas. Growth provides us the opportunity to add valuable knowledge, insight, views and opinions. Each time we hire, we look for new perspectives and ideas. Keeping everyone engaged and connected as we branch out to new office locations across the country is a struggle that we recognize. It takes more effort and we have to be creative. For instance, we have video cameras on everyone’s desk so that our teams can video conference throughout the day, we have our remote office locations rotate to our corporate headquarters for extended visits, and we encourage employees to give us feedback to constantly improve this challenge. Another way we keep our employees engaged in our culture is through our community giving programs that are a part of our daily work.

About New Signature

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