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By: Kathy Albarado on January 15th, 2013

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Interview: Joe DeNoyior, Managing Partner, Washington Financial Group

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This month we interviewed Joe DeNoyior, Managing Partner of Washington Financial Group. From feedback to embracing change, Joe shares his advice on what he wishes someone shared with him years ago. Read the full story below.

Helios HR: What’s one piece of advice you wish someone had shared with you that you would now share with fellow executives?

Joe DeNoyior: Get team feedback early and often on major organizational decisions. Lean on the team as much as possible. A lot of times the leader may have the vision of the firm, but the team may have a better way of getting there. I wish I heard that early, now I get everyone’s feedback.

Helios HR: What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

Joe DeNoyior: The biggest challenge I see our clients face is sharing their vision effectively throughout their firms. The struggle lies in articulating a clear message of what their vision is and getting their whole team onboard. That separates a true leader from a title leader. Great leaders focus on their unique ability and rely on their team to help implement the vision.

The other challenge that comes to mind is that our overall environments are always changing. The economy, the way we are doing business, technology, new generations in the workforce… all of these are changing rapidly and it brings new challenges to leaders on how to navigate going forward. We have to adjust, be flexible and understand that the rules have changed and will continue to change.

Helios HR: Speaking of change, how often do you challenge the way your company currently does things?

Joe DeNoyior: Often. I think in my business it comes down to having the right systemization. In order for us to be successful, we have to create a consistent, successful experience for our clients. The only way to challenge that our process is successful is by testing it often. We check to see what’s doing well, what’s not, and change as appropriate.  If it’s something that I feel needs to be changed from my standpoint, I think about the desired outcome first and then what changes need to happen to meet that desired outcome.

Helios HR: What feedback would you share with HR executives as they support growing organizations?

Joe DeNoyior: Constantly invest time and effort into team development. It leaves impressions with those who build the organization because it’s lead within. If I have everyone developing and moving forward, by constant advancement you have better talent and better service. The most valuable asset of an organization is their people.

Helios HR: How do you describe the culture of your organization?

Joe DeNoyior: What immediately comes to mind when I think about culture here is high pace, high volume, and that we have fun. I think people genuinely enjoy being here. We’re a small business with about 20 folks on our team. We each have a lot of tasks and our own responsibilities, but we are really good at being true teammates.  Everyone is always willing to pitch in to help accomplish our overall business goals.

Helios HR: What qualities do you look for in employees?

Joe DeNoyior: Among the obvious technical qualifications, right fit for the role, I look for the desire to grow with the organization.  I’m always asking what that person wants out of their future – both personally and professionally. If their career goals align, it’ll be easy for them to get the job done and we can all grow.