Break Out and THRIVE as an Employer of Choice for 2021!


By: Kathy Albarado on June 20th, 2013

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Positive Leadership is a Choice with Powerful Impact!

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Kudos to Dr. Steve Gladis for providing us with another targeted leadership guide! In his new book, Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work, Steve captures recent, encouraging data and translates it into how we can all immediately benefit from this knowledge. How refreshing to learn that we control a full 40% of our own personal positive attitudes. To be a positive leader is a choice and one that will impart the most sustainable influence. Steve's book also provides the tools for increasing our own positive leadership impact. I suspect that with his insight, we could even reach beyond the 40%! I highly recommend Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work as a staple for all leaders and those that aspire to be.

We all know intuitively that it's more fun and more productive to work for a positive leader. But now we know just how much it means: A LOT. Happy employees produce 30% more, but only 20% of employees are happily engaged! Positive leaders retain talent longer, get great engagement, and create climates of trust, safety, and innovation. Negative leaders do the opposite. You can watch a quick video on the subject here: Positive Leadership Overview by Dr. Steve Gladis.