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By: Krystal Freeman on October 1st, 2013

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8 Ways to Build Trust with your Employees

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As a recruiting consultant, I find building trust with an employee starts at the onset of the employee life cycle: when you are recruiting for a vacancy. During this time, the prospective employee is trusting the job will be as it is described in the advertisement, the company culture will be as it was described during the interview process, and you as the manager, will guide and develop them professionally. However, it is also important that this trust is maintained once employment begins. To do this, I recommend the following tips for Managers:Building Trust with Employees

8 Tips for Building Trust with Employees

1. Get to Know your Employees – Learn their strengths and weaknesses as this will help you build and balance your team as well as your organization.

2. Take Interest in your Employees – Have a conversation with your employees. Learn about them and their interests, but be sure to use your professional discretion as some employees may not be comfortable sharing information about their lives so you will have to respect their privacy.

3. Pay Attention – Take note of your employees and their actions. Do they seem overworked? Are they growing professionally? Paying attention to your employees allows you to be able to adjust their work load and/or schedule or it may give you an opportunity to do just the opposite, thereby providing them with more challenging responsibilities.

4. Trust your Employees – You hired them to do a job; now it’s your turn to let them do it. Of course, be sure they have the required training to perform the job function.

5. No Surprises! – Be honest with your employees when there are changes. This is the first step toward breaking down any trust that may have been built.

6. Develop them Professionally – Provide your employees with the opportunity to grow professionally. Many times professional growth can cost money, but you can be the first to assist in the training and development of your employees.

7. Ask them for Ideas – Employees are on the front line and many times have a good understanding of not only the company, but the customer as well. Your employees may have ideas on how to improve a process or procedure. Also, asking your employees for ideas will result in an employee that feels engaged and a part of your organization.

8. Encourage a Work/Life Balance – Employees should not only come to work but should also be afforded an opportunity for work/life balance. Employees that have earned paid time off or vacation leave encourage them to take this time to spend with their family and/or friends or visit a new place.  After a good vacation they will return to you refreshed and ready to work.

As a manger, it is important to remember trust is something that is built consistently over time. If you think you are losing your employee’s trust, take a minute to consider where you may have gone wrong as you do not want to lose a high quality employee. Should you need further guidance on building trust among your team, give Helios a call at 703-860-3882.