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By: Helios on November 29th, 2013

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5 Best Job Search Practices

Talent Acquisition

5 Steps for the Best Job Search Having been a Recruiter for some time now, I have seen and heard a lot of things from eager job seekers.  From the sentimental stories that pull at your heart strings, to the hilarious tales that make you think the person would be a great asset to your company if for nothing more than comedic relief.   You name it, I've probably heard it.  But before I have gotten the chance to hear it, most likely that eager job seeker has gone through a job search process.  And, because they have now made it to a phone or in-person interview with me or another Recruiter, their search has been deemed successful.

So what steps might this eager job seeker have taken?

Here are 5 steps to Your Best Job Search:

  1. Stay Motivated – Looking for a job when you do not have a job can be a job within itself.  The search requires time, focus, and dedication.  It also requires patience and perseverance, especially during those moments when you are feeling defeated.   Don’t give up!  Stay motivated and apply, apply, apply!
  2. Proper Planning– We've all heard the saying, “Proper planning prevents poor performance."  While that is typically applicable after you have actually landed the job, the same can ultimately be applied when still searching for a job.  Plan out your search.  Get up, get dressed, and dedicate a considerable amount of uninterrupted time to your job search.  This is serious business, the market is as competitive as I have seen it, and the competition is fierce.  Plan properly to come out on top.
  3. Organization – Keep a record of what companies you have applied to and who you have talked to from those companies.  Nothing kills a moment more than being called by the wrong name.
  4. Attention to detail- Make sure your resume is a positive reflection of your abilities. Proofread and spell-check to avoid simple mistakes.   Also, review the job description in its entirety and apply to positions in which your background and qualifications align with the company’s requirements and desired skills.
  5. Follow up- Now that you’ve landed a phone or in-person interview, follow up promptly by thanking the interviewer(s) for their time.  Also, express your genuine interest for joining the organization and include a friendly reminder of several key reasons of why you will be an asset to their team.

By following these steps are you guaranteed to land a new job?  Of course not!  However, as the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”  Therefore, by following these steps you now have the tools to heighten your chances at making your job search the best it can be.   Congratulations!