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By: Helios on April 3rd, 2014

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Best Ways to Celebrate National Walk to Work Day

Employee Relations

mh900437940Raise your hand if you told yourself you’d work out more in 2014.  Now keep your hand up if you've stuck to your goal these past four months.  Whether your answer is yes or no, I think we can all admit we could always add another workout to our daily routine.   But how do we accomplish these lofty goals during the work day you ask?  Why not start on Friday, April 4th?  It just happens to be National Walk to Work Day!  For those of us not fortunate enough to have our commute in walking distance, here are some creative ways to incorporate this holiday into your Friday.

1. Walk to your favorite mid-afternoon spot. Instead of getting in your car and taking the 15 minutes to drive when you pick up lunch or Starbucks, grab a co-worker and walk to the nearest deli or coffee shop.

2. Use your lunch break to go for a walk. Working in Reston, I am fortunate to have the W&OD trail right behind my building.  What this has showed me is that there’s probably a great trail or walking path no matter where you are!  If you work in the city, take the time to check out that block around the corner.

3. Get to work a little early and leave a little early. Since National Walk to Work Day falls on a Friday use this as an excuse to get a work out in and start your weekend right!  There is nothing more relaxing than heading out while the sun’s still shining and ready for a nice walk around your neighborhood.

These are just some ideas I had but would love to hear how you incorporate this fun holiday into your work day! This is also a great low cost team building exercise which can help boost morale within the office.  Remember, no matter what you do, exercise is a great release of stress and gives you time to digest your day.  Rise to the occasion and take a load off on a nice spring Friday.