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By: Helios on September 29th, 2014

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A Review of the Best Tips on How to Land Your Next HR Career Move

Talent Acquisition

How to Find a Job in HR Whether you are starting out in Human Resources or are a seasoned HR professional, finding your next big opportunity can seem daunting. Here's what I have found to be the most successful pieces of advice throughout my 20 year career in the Talent Acquisition/HR industry. By following these steps, you will get your HR job search jump started and on its way!

Reach out to and grow your network:

  • Get in touch with your “trusted network” of mentors, previous managers and colleagues. Let them know you are considering making a move and what types of opportunities you are seeking. Ask them for help in networking with key influencers for your search.
  • Network at events, workshops and seminars where you will meet HR peers and leaders. Bring your business cards and hand them out! Ask people about potential and current opportunities. Connect with these new contacts in LinkedIn and follow up with them through emails and phone calls. Commit to attend at least one to two events per month.
  • Connect with recruiters (like us at Helios HR!) who have expertise in working with Human Resources professionals every day.
  • Ask HR leaders and recruiters for an informational interview or meeting to discuss their organization, potential opportunities and your background/goals.

Find the right opportunities, apply and connect:

  • When applying to a role, research your professional network to see if you know anyone in the organization to which you are applying. If you know someone in that organization, reach out to them and let them know you will be applying. Some organizations give employee referral bonuses and your contact may want to personally deliver your application to qualify for the referral bonus.
  • Within a week or so of applying for a role, reach out to either your organization contact or the recruiting contact for that organization and touch base regarding your status for the role.

Engage through social media—stay current and connected:

  • Try to dedicate time to your search every day--check emails, review new job openings, stay in touch with your network.
  • Engage in social media. Commit to an hour a week on LinkedIn to join groups, contribute content, ask questions, add comments, research organizations and stay in touch with your network.
  • Send follow up notes and thank people for their time and help with your search.
  • Keep in touch with key influencers so that you are top of mind should the right opportunity cross their path.

My last biggest tip is the key to finding your next career opportunity will mostly likely come from a networking contact rather than an application submitted through a career site. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make personal connections (not just on social media), regularly attend networking and professional development events and stay in touch with individuals who are influencers.


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