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By: Helios on February 13th, 2015

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Do You Live a Life of Intention?

Communication | Business Management & Strategy

We see it every day: you are busy, you are stressed, and moreover, we see you losing touch with the things that matter most to you. These days, countless numbers of proverbial cups are running over and all we can see is the spillover. We are so busy we miss the opportunity and prosperity before us. That change in perspective changed a blind, homeless man's life and we hope that soon, you might see things a little differently, too.

Helios founder and CEO, Kathy Albarado, addressed the Prince William Chamber of Commerce's Annual Women's Leadership Conference about a topic very near and dear to the hearts of the entire Helios team: building a culture of intention. Though it sounds so simple, like something any organization could do, what many fail to notice is where those cultures start. It’s not in a strategic visioning session, or in the boardroom. It lies within the heart of each leader and team member.

IntentionKathy shared with us that often, we become so busy with what we have to do, that we fail to focus on what we love to do. We lose the ability to slow down, to be intentional about the choices we make and the gratitude we express. This doesn't apply just to our professional life. You can craft a culture of intention in your personal life as well.
Take a moment to ask yourself: when was the last time you did something that sustains you? To pause and ensure, whether in business or personally, that you calm your mind before making an important decision? Have you ever thought about a new direction? It’s easy to keep barreling forward down a path that’s working, but it takes courage and purpose, both of which we all have within us, to slow down and operate with intention.

She asked everyone in the audience to take a moment to write down one or two goals for the year—things they hoped they could get to. If you were there, you heard the collective sigh: “How many times have we done this?” It wasn’t until Kathy gave the next step that the light-bulb went off: “Now, write down what you must STOP doing, to do more of what you LOVE doing.”

Maybe it’s letting go of that person who drains you of your energy. Maybe it’s not making a rash decision about the food you fuel yourself with. No matter what, in order to accomplish those goals, we all have to let go of something, get out of our own way, and be intentional about the steps we take.

So take a moment, and download Kathy’s recommendations on the books that support living with intention. You’ll thank yourself...just wait and see.