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We hope you enjoy our Compensation Program Management Checklist.

After utilizing this checklist you will be able to:

  • Create a compensation plan that is beneficial for your business
  • Learn what steps you need to take to avoid pay compression
  • Provide a foundation for future human resource initiatives
compensation checklist

Want to learn more about compensation?

Do you know your compensation philosophy? Or how your organization stacks up in market competitiveness? You may find value in reading about some of our other compensation blogs below.

How to Build an Annual Compensation Plan

I always get excited once February comes to a close and March rears its lovely face. I begin to notice the abundance of daylight, talk of spring break plans, and even look forward to daylight savings time (despite that one sweet hour of sleep disappearance). Around this time, I also reflect on the work accomplished […]

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When is the Best Time to Benchmark Compensation?

It’s the middle of autumn and you are wearing your new orange corduroy blazer, college and professional football season are in full tilt, pumpkin spiced lattes are your new morning must-have. You’ve also just received notification that the new compensation surveys have been released and are now available so you can start benchmarking your jobs. […]

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3 Compensation Best Practices & Costs Associated

Picture it for a moment: it is 2 pm on the nose on a Friday afternoon and one of your prized, high potential employees is all of a sudden taking a phone call in their car. Given what you know of their work effort and typical behavior, this is definitely not normal. While it could be a […]

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The Cost of Compensation Benchmarking

Compensation Benchmarking is the comparison of internal jobs to the market. We take your job descriptions and match them to similar jobs found in multiple compensation surveys to identify the external worth, or market rate. In other words, you will know what other companies in your industry, geographic location, and size category are paying their employees for similar jobs. Along with the knowledge you have about the internal worth of your organization’s positions, the external market data will help you ensure you are paying your employees competitively.

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What are Compensation Benchmarking Best Practices?

Maybe you’ve heard of compensation benchmarking, but you really don’t understand what it is or why it’s important to an organization. This post will help you get a big picture overview of what it is, why organizations need it, and the implementation involved.

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