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HR Outsourcing

Tips for a Successful Partnership with Your HR Consultant

May 23, 2018

Helios HR consultants partner with a variety of organizations that bring different cultures, missions, values, priorities, and expectations to the table. You will often hear us say there are no two engagements that are alike, which is why we pride ourselves in offering a truly tailored solution to fit...

Need HR? Review Your Options for HR Support Services

June 8, 2017

I am often asked about my thoughts on what kind of HR support a client needs, and what is best for a business “of my size”?  And my answer is almost always the same…it depends. A lot must be considered when determining if the best HR solution for your...

What to Do When Your HR Leader Leaves

May 11, 2017

Is Interim HR Consulting the Right Temporary HR Solution For You? You just learned that your HR Director needs surgery and will be out of commission for 12 weeks starting tomorrow or your HR Business Partner turned in his resignation and with a two-week notice there is no time...

How to Know When to Hire HR for the First Time

March 21, 2017

As an outsourced HR consultant, I regularly work with small businesses in need of support in Human Resources. Often these businesses are either in a start-up mode or have a small footprint and need part-time, efficient support to move their businesses forward. That work can sometimes be tactical, and...

3 Tips to Unravel from a PEO Organization

January 27, 2016

Deciding whether to hire internally for your HR function or outsource HR is a critical decision, especially for organizations experiencing fast growth. If you are currently outsourcing HR functions to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and are considering bringing your HR in-house, there are several considerations you need to...

The 5 Best Ways to Create a Positive HR Presence

July 17, 2015

“Uh oh Human Resources is in the building!”  “Shhh…don’t say anything Human Resources is here!”  “I better not say that because there is our HR person!”  As a professional providing HR outsourcing, I believe we have all heard these statements or something similar. Now at first glance, this could...

Ready for HR? Here’s the Best First Step to Take

July 15, 2015

One of the biggest questions that businesses face as they grow is when to start working with a Human Resources (HR) professional. The best answer to that question is going to vary by the organization based on their unique needs, and it won’t always take the same form. As...

PEO Vs. Human Resource Management Outsourcing Comparison

January 17, 2015

Outsourcing Human Resources for Small Business When you’re first starting to build your business, it makes sense to handle HR on your own. For small businesses with less than 10-15 employees, we typically recommend having a good payroll provider and benefits broker, and you should be in pretty good...

How Can Employers Stop FMLA Abuse Problems?

December 4, 2013

Over the years I’ve worked with a range of organizations in various industries and I’ve found that managing the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a common challenge. The FMLA provision was implemented in 1993 as a means to allow eligible employees to have job protection while taking...

The Cost of Outsourcing Human Resources

December 3, 2013

People often ask how much will it cost to outsource my HR? I can certainly answer that question-- after you answer several questions for me, because as you might imagine, the answer is, “it depends.”

How to Find the Best HR Outsourcing Company

July 26, 2013

Have you considered outsourcing HR, but are concerned about loosing your company culture? Read here to learn our take on it.