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Jan. 26th Human Capital Impact Forum

In partnership with the HR Certification Institute®, Helios HR brings you The Human Capital Impact Forum, where C-level executives and HR leaders come together to learn, collaborate and adapt human capital programs that support business growth. This forum provides content, connections, and conversations that will be catalysts for change.

January 26, 2018 Program

8:15 AM – 9:45 AM – Session 1: Positive Leadership

A clear trend has emerged in the field of leadership—a focus on the power of positivity. We all know intuitively that it’s more fun and more productive to work for a positive leader. But now we know just how much it means: A LOT. There is overwhelming research that positive people are easier to work with, more productive, more creative, and far more open to change than their less positive peers. Positive leaders retain talent longer, get great engagement, and create climates of trust, safety, and innovation. Negative leaders do the opposite. The good news is that positivity can be learned.

In an engaging, humorous and compelling presentation, Steve Gladis explains the value of positive leadership—from his book Positive Leadership. Citing research and practice from the best professionals in this business of well-being, Dr. Steve Gladis sets up a three-step formula to create more positive leaders, who in turn develop “healthy” workplaces and deliver greater results for their organizations.

About Steve Gladis, Ph.D.

Dynamic leadership speaker, author, and executive coach to many of the Metro, DC, and Northern Virginia region’s top executives, Dr. Steve Gladis is widely recognized as a leadership expert. CEO of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners (SGLP)—a leadership development company—he is the author of 20 books on leadership and is a professor at George Mason University. SGLP works with businesses, associations, and U.S. government agencies, and Dr.Gladis speaks regularly at conferences and corporate gatherings. A former faculty member at the University of Virginia, Dr. Gladis also served as an FBI special agent and was a decorated officer in the US Marine Corps. As a philanthropic leader, Dr. Gladis commits a significant portion of SGLP profits back to the community.

Dr. Gladis uses stories, research, and humor to punctuate his straightforward, clear message about leadership: Everyone deserves to work for a great leader, and every leader deserves to know what great leadership looks like. His action-packed leadership journey provides a wealth of material from which to draw examples and witty anecdotes that keep audiences entertained and engaged. Using stories from business, the Marine Corps, and the FBI, Dr. Gladis introduces his audience to the different leadership types and the skills required for each of them.

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM – Session 2: Leveraging Culture to Develop Strong Leaders 

A combination of what we say, what we do and how we show up each day has extraordinary influence within a team or organization. How well we inspire, motivate and guide teams determines our ability to get people to engage with our mission or vision. Back by popular demand, Kevin Ruth, SVP of Business Transformation for UnitedHealthcare will engage the group in an interactive and dynamic presentation showcasing the value of leveraging a positive corporate culture to develop strong leaders. He will walk us through UnitedHealthcare’s journey and share some practical tools for talent development, encouraging innovation and influencing others to get results.

About Kevin Ruth, Senior Vice President, Business Transformation of UnitedHealthcare

Kevin Ruth brings over 25 years of executive leadership and health care market experience to UnitedHealthcare. Since joining UHC in 2001, Kevin has held numerous leadership positions including Chief Operating Officer of UnitedHealthcare, Chief Executive Officer of the Mid-Atlantic region, and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Clinical Services.  He has also served in UHC dental, vision and Housecalls companies.  He has most recently moved to the Commercial UnitedHealthcare business as the SVP of Business Transformation.  In this role, he focuses on connecting and growing our quality, operations, NPS and culture transformation initiatives.

In January 2013, Kevin joined the Medicare & Retirement leadership team as Senior Vice President to lead a coordinated, enterprise-wide effort to achieve STAR ratings goals for our Medicare plans. Improving STAR ratings requires Medicare & Retirement to achieve a unique level of collaboration and partnership with teams across our company including UnitedHealthcare Quality Management & Performance, UnitedHealthcare Clinical Services, Optum, UnitedHealth Networks and UnitedHealthcare Benefit Operations.  Kevin worked with leaders and teams in these organizations to improve our Medicare Advantage and Part D STAR ratings.

Kevin continues to serve on UHG Culture Leadership Team and is one of the Our United Culture Workshop leaders.  He is also the executive leader of UHG’s Franchise Performance Group.

Kevin is active in community and health-related organizations, past Chair for the Board of the Montgomery County Business Roundtable on Education (MCBRE) and involved with the Wheaton High School Woman’s Basketball Team.  He also volunteers for the Jamie Dixon Foundation, and the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation. Kevin also serves as a mentor for the Menttium Program.  He is a Member of the School of Environmental Design, Ambler Campus, Board of Visitors, Temple University. He most recently received the Impact Award from Temple University for outstanding service, advocacy, and commitment.

Before joining UnitedHealthcare, Kevin was Vice President of Operations at a health insurance company in Pennsylvania and has held a number of other positions including Chief Operating Officer of a large PHO and IPA, a Hospital Administrator in a healthcare system as well as six years in public accounting with Arthur Andersen. Kevin earned a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia and an MBA from West Chester University in West Chester, PA.