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5 Steps to Optimize People Performance

Your people are your most important asset to ensuing business success. Many executives we have worked with didn’t know how much value human capital would contribute to their organization. Having the right HR leader and giving him or her a seat at the executive table could be your answer to finding what so many are searching for...

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The Best Tools for Onboarding New Employees

By Amber Pereira

Onboarding a new hire is a very exciting time! The energy a new team member brings can add a fun, fresh dynamic to the team along with the exciting possibilities of what this new meeting of the minds could achieve.  There is so much to do to bring your new team member up to speed, […]

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Hiring Managers: How to Best Determine New Hire Pay

By Cicely Clayton

Picture it: you have just concluded your interview and shaken hands with the ideal candidate who has all of the qualities and qualifications you are looking for in order to fill your open role and you quickly rush back to office to get in contact with your Recruiter to let them know you want to […]

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How To Enhance Employee Engagement and Gain a Competitive Advantage

As human capital consultants, it’s quite common to have CEOs ask us if we can help with their employee engagement. And we, of course, love working with our clients to identify ways to get their employees wanting to come to work every day and thinking of retention strategies for the long term. It’s important to note though that employee engagement can have several different interpretations depending on who you are talking to, so let’s address the first question.

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The 4 Key Factors of Employee Engagement

By Jakob Hunt

Buzzwords in business are overused to the point of becoming fads at times. We hear phrases daily such as “culture”, “engagement”, “wheelhouse”, “synergy”, “incentivizing”, “strategic”, and the list goes on and on. When these buzzwords become so common in our workplace, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear so many managers and executives misusing these terms […]

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FAQ Clients Ask About Helios HR

By Kayla Dineen

Why Helios? As new consultants join the growing Helios HR team, they often ask me what I like most about working at Helios.  I always take a moment to reflect on that question and to date, my response has always been, “our team”.  When I say our team, I mean just that. It’s the people […]

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Incentive Program Design Project Review: A Client Success Story

By Kayla Dineen

The Incentive Plan Problem A growing consulting firm with employees across the United States and internationally engaged with Helios HR to enhance their current incentive plan to align with the current and future business strategy.  This business had previously designed and implemented a successful incentive program to drive the behaviors of their consultants; and as […]

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