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Hiring HR for the First Time?

The Impact of a Strategic HR Team

By aligning the HR function with the strategic and long-term business goals, the organization can attract, motivate and retain exceptional candidates and employees which will greatly affect the bottom line. When an intentional strategy is in place, employees will feel more connected, or engaged, with the organization...

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How to Know if Your Business Needs Strategic HR

By Kayla Dineen

“Strategic HR”. It’s a buzzword in the HR industry that has been around for some time and I anticipate it will be around for a while longer. This concept of strategic HR is floated frequently and it’s quite possible that like many other business owners, you find yourself asking “what is strategic HR and how […]

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How to Create the Best HR Function: Link to the Business Strategy

By Helios

Often at Helios, we are approached by CEOs and Human Resource executives who want to redefine HR’s role from being administrative to a role that strategically defines how the organization’s goals will be achieved through its people.   And it makes sense why leaders want to get more from HR than just processing payroll and […]

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Engaging Employees and Improving Business

Most senior leaders understand the importance of employee engagement but few truly understand the ability of engagement to stimulate business results, nor the threat disengagement poses to a business’ bottom line. In November of 2013, Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup, presented some startling statistics about the overall attitude of the global workforce.

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What the Best HR Professionals Can Do for Your Business

By Amy Dozier

I have recently been a part of conducting several HR Compliance and Effectiveness Assessments for our clients and one of the first questions we ask the executives and employees that we talk to is, “What do you think Human Resources is responsible for?”  We ask them to think in general terms and not just what […]

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5 Reasons to Conduct a Review of Your HR Department

By Kayla Dineen

With spring in the air, the habit of spring cleaning often stretches beyond scrubbing the kitchen and perfecting the landscape around your house to streamlining and organizing your work life as well.  Perhaps you’ve taken a step back and looked at your HR department and thought to yourself “there’s got to be a better way […]

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Is Your HR Department Strategic?

By Kim Moshlak

At Helios, we are often asked to define (and provide) strategic HR to an organization in need of change. Strategic HR is a big “buzz” term that has been used in senior leadership circles for quite some time. It is widely known to be the future of HR, is talked about at every HR conference, and is what most executives tell us they want when we work with them. But what is it? How can you determine if your HR department is working strategically? What is Strategic HR?

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