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Access “Innovative Benefits to Win the Talent War”

Innovative New Benefits That Will Help Your Company Win the Talent War

In order to retain and engage top talent, organizations need to look beyond traditional benefits to find modern solutions that support and develop today’s workforce. This paper will detail several innovative solutions or twists on old voluntary benefits that answer the
following mandates:

  • Employers must think out-of-the-box now, in ways never before required, to attract and retain top talent
  • Technology has had a dramatic impact on the way that benefits are delivered and utilized
  • Employees seek simple, payroll-based financial planning that encompasses major life events, and
  • The definition of “best place to work,” is expanding beyond traditional measures of pay and benefits.

Of all the benefits we discuss, special emphasis should be placed on education as these benefits embody the new paradigm by providing the greatest impact. The most in demand employees want to be developed through education benefits that work for them, their families, and society. Like any good employee initiative, the benefits of supporting education are symbiotic and self-reinforcing. In addition to contributing to the future education of children, when employers invest in education and professional development of employees, they improve the aptitude of their own personnel. The employee is rewarded with skills and competencies that will benefit them throughout their career. And of course, society benefits from a better-educated labor force.

When you’ve reviewed our list of most innovative benefits, the checklist we include at the end of this white paper will help your company use the information to formulate a winning benefits strategy that’s right for your organization. Download your FREE copy below!

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