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Attracting & Hiring Talent

Maximize Your ROI with Effective Recruiting

We’ve noticed a recurring theme when engaging with our clients and interacting with organization leaders; they don’t all agree on the value that HR can provide to their organization, but they all understand the critical importance of recruiting. (For the record, effective HR has a huge positive
impact on companies’ bottom lines.) Throughout these interactions we’ve been puzzled why a function like recruiting, that is so universally accepted as being critical to an organization’s success, has such little focus and is not leveraged like other critical functions. Assessments, recruiting surge support, and/or general enhancements to the recruiting function are almost always reactive and are typically put in place to address deficiencies as opposed to seizing opportunities...

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Recruiting Review: 5 Secrets to Avoid Hiring Problems


Let’s just say it: hiring is not easy. There is a tremendous amount of work that is involved to ensure you are making the right selection for your organization. In fact, that’s why many of our clients come to us to do full-cycle recruiting and recruitment process improvement audits. I’ll let you in on a […]

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Three Best Work-Life Benefits for Attracting, Retaining, and Engaging Employees


Innovative benefits can strengthen employee engagement at your company by showing employees their organization cares about them as a person and not just as a number. Work-life benefits take into account an employee’s life inside and outside of work and are also a great way to attract potential employees. One of the best ways to […]

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What Millennials Want

6 Keys to Attracting and Retaining Generation Y

It’s happening, the last of the millennials are entering the working world in full force. Millennials, otherwise known as Generation Y adults, are those individuals born between 1980 and 2000, and are roughly between the ages of 36 and 16. Employers are beginning to realize they may need to make changes to their business in order to attract these bright new minds, but where do they start?

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Social Media Sourcing Strategies: A Top Recruiting Trend for 2017

By Monica Berkstresser | 0

A Review of a Top Recruiting Trend for 2017 A top recruiting trend we’re seeing for 2017 at Helios HR is a shift between social media platform use. For years, we’ve seen recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary tool to find passive candidates. As this site continues to become more saturated and competitive in the […]

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How to Fall in Love with Job Descriptions…Forever

By Cicely Clayton | 0

Over the course of my career and consulting with clients, it is not very often I come across professionals that actually like job descriptions. In fact the mere mention of job description development makes most Human Resource professionals cringe and find reason to change the subject. I, on the other hand, get excited during engagements […]

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How to Hire Right, Every Time – It Starts With You!

By Audrey Wieland | 0

Finding the best new hire for your organization is no simple task. Following these guidelines will get you to the right fit, faster and easier.  After countless resumes, phone screens and interviews it became quickly apparent that a successful candidate search requires limiting internal interference in the external hiring process.   If you’re about to start […]

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