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Employee Conflict

“Our managers seem to be spending too much time resolving employee conflict. We need help building stronger teams.”

5 Steps to Optimize People Performance

Your people are your most important asset to ensuring business success. Many executives we have worked with didn’t know how much value human capital would contribute to their organization. Having the right HR leader and giving him or her a seat at the executive table could be your answer to finding what so many are searching for.

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Is Your Business Facing Serious People Problems?

Human Resources experts see obvious value in creating organizational cultures that attract and retain exceptional people, yet we find it’s not always easy to convince other business leaders to focus on culture. In fact, lots of times, when we talk about spending time or resources on improving culture, leaders instantly think “culture” equals “fluff”: activities […]

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How to Avoid Workplace Gossip Problems and Maintain a Great Culture

It’s Monday, and you’re getting your morning coffee. Just as you stir in the perfect combination of creamer and sugar, here comes your co-worker Susie who appears to be very frustrated and says, “I cannot tell you how annoying Jay has become lately. Ever since he got promoted, he acts like he’s everyone’s boss! I […]

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Interested in a Free Culture Survey?

Helios HR works with engaged leaders to help build cultures that attract, engage, and retain exceptional people, leading to success for the entire organization. In service of this mission, our Culture of Intention Survey helps leaders pinpoint employee perceptions of the culture today (current state) compared to what is important to be true about the culture in the future (desired state). This free survey will allow you to assess your cultural strengths and weaknesses impacting organizational effectiveness and identify areas to focus improvement. Click here to get started>>>

Review Your Company Culture: The Top 5 Things That Matter

Culture develops in every organization. Employers can intentionally guide the environment with visible, well-developed values. Integral to creating a cohesive and collaborative environment in the face of change and conflict, particularly with mergers and acquisitions is an honest assessment of the current climate. Whether organizations are looking to enhance morale, or address a systemic issue, […]

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5 Types of Employees Who May Be Creating Problems in Your Business

As an HR Consultant, I have worked in a number of organizations varying in size, industry, structure, mission and culture.  While each organization may be unique, every organization I have worked with has one thing in common – the problem employee. The problem employee can show up in a variety of forms and it isn’t […]

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Best Practices Documenting Performance Issues

Whether you are a manager or an HR professional, the following conversation probably sounds familiar to you: Manager: “I need to terminate this employee today!  The performance issues are becoming a distraction for the rest of the team.” HR: “I didn’t know you were having issues with that employee.  Are any of the performance issues documented?” Regardless […]

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