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Lacking Efficiency & Effectiveness

“I think we could be more effective with our human capital. Is there a better way to do things?” 

Review Your HR Department

Have you taken a step back and looked at your HR department and thought to yourself “there’s got to be a better way to do this” ? Maybe you’re anticipating growth within your organization, and you know that with more employees comes the need for enhanced processes and compliance requirements.

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10 Best Practices for Spring Cleaning your HR Department

By Helios

Spring has approached, which always seems like the time of year I like to get organized and get rid of unnecessary clutter.  It is also the perfect time for HR to do some of their own spring cleaning for better order in the workplace.  Typically it gets quite hectic at my client sites towards the […]

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Department Review: Making the Most of Your HR Function

By Kayla Dineen

At Helios we work with many organizations to conduct effectiveness and compliance audits of their HR Department, which includes a set of interviews with executive team members and employees at all levels of the organization.  One of the first questions that we always ask of all interviewees is, “in your opinion, what does an HR […]

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The Impact of a Strategic HR Team

By aligning the HR function with the strategic and long-term business goals, the organization can attract, motivate and retain exceptional candidates and employees which will greatly affect the bottom line. When an intentional strategy is in place, employees will feel more connected, or engaged, with the organization...

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How to Best Maximize Your ROI with Effective Recruiting

I’ve noticed a recurring theme when engaging in Human Resources (HR) consulting and interacting with organization leaders; they don’t all agree on the value that HR can provide to their organization, but they all understand the critical importance of recruiting. (For the record, effective HR has a huge positive impact on companies’ bottom lines.) Throughout […]

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The Cost of Leadership Training

Throughout my travels to clients and other events, I do a lot of facilitating for Helios HR and the number one question I am asked is, “How much does it cost? “ My answer is always the same…”it depends.” Training programs are offered in many forms, and there are several areas to consider when looking at the options.

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Is Your HR Department Strategic?

At Helios, we are often asked to define (and provide) strategic HR to an organization in need of change. Strategic HR is a big “buzz” term that has been used in senior leadership circles for quite some time. It is widely known to be the future of HR, is talked about at every HR conference, and is what most executives tell us they want when we work with them. But what is it? How can you determine if your HR department is working strategically? What is Strategic HR?

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