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HR Technology Consulting

Service Offerings:

HR Technology PlatformHR Technology System Needs Analysis

Is maintaining your employee data creating a constant headache? Maybe your employees aren’t able to access their personal information; your concerned about being in compliance; or your spending countless hours fixing data inefficiencies because your Payroll, Benefit, and/or Talent Management systems are completely incompatible. And now that you’ve made up your mind about acquiring a new HR Technology, you are entirely overwhelmed by the plethora of Systems available. You are not alone! When you work with Helios, we will help alleviate your pain by finding a HR Technology solution that is absolutely perfect for your organization today, and in the future.

First, we’ll perform a detailed Needs Analysis which includes conducting collaborative sessions with your HR and Payroll teams to learn your unique operational/industry requirements, challenges, wants and wishes.

Our HR Technology Needs Analysis includes:
  • Applicant Tracking and Recruitment
  • Employee Data Management
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Time and Attendance
  • Training and Support
  • Payroll Processing
  • Intranet and Communication Portal

In addition to the Needs Analysis, Helios reviews the cost, ease of use, your current HR Technology platforms and architecture compatibility, maintenance, administration and level of customization and integration with third-party products.

Independent Market Research & Solution Identification

Once we gain a solid understanding for your operational needs, outcome goals and priorities, Helios will and develop a strategy for the HR System selection process. Leveraging the Helios team’s extensive knowledge and network of HRIS Platforms, we identify and measure HR Technology vendors and products that will provide the best match for your unique organization. While remaining vendor agnostic, Helios will manage and negotiate the RFP process, coordinate customized demos for your organization’s key stakeholders, and present a comparison matrix as well as a precise, clear business case that outlines the rationale behind our independently-recommended, top three HR System solutions.

HR Information System Integration

HRIS AnalysisUnderstanding exactly how your new HR Information System will integrate with your current processes is often the most critical stage of changing your HR Technology. With our keen eye for detail and project planning, Helios will next map out your employee life-cycle processes from recruiting, to new hires, performance management and terminations for the System progression. This integration plan will include workflows from the current state to future state that will set you up for a smooth transition when implementing your new HR Technology.

HR Technology Implementation

Whether you are rolling out your new HR System or have one currently in place that occurs to be broken, Helios will project manage and/or fix your implementation. The Helios team has seasoned leaders with the depth and expertise in HR, Finance, and Payroll who will take care of all of the details to get your System up and running effectively so that you can focus on your other priorities. Helios will conduct the analysis, configuration, data conversion and validation to ensure 100% accuracy and integrity of your employee, compliance reporting, and company data. In addition, Helios will provide training and support on new systems and upgrades, as well as give proactive guidance to avoid future pitfalls.