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Compensation Consulting

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Compensation Services

Are you feeling the intensity of the talent landscape and want to understand how your compensation and benefits compare to the market?

Our compensation specialists partner with Human Resource and business leaders to help align your business and talent goals. Together, we develop and enhance a compensation program that allows you to attract, retain, motivate and reward the talent your business needs for today's competitive marketplace.

Job Leveling & Job Descriptions

A fully defined job structure hierarchy and leveling guidelines will enable you to effectively and consistently organize the jobs within your organization.

Compensation Benchmarking

Receive market data for the Average, 25th, 50th, 75th percentiles of the market for base and total cash compensation to confirm you are paying competitively.

Salary Structure Design

With a formal salary structure, you will be able to make informed pay decisions that are both market competitive and internally equitable.

Employee Equity Analysis

Identify how to handle compensation for each employee group and individuals based on experience, level of performance, tenure, and other compensable factors.

Executive Compensation

In partnership with the Board or senior leadership, we develop a flexible, competitive, and responsible total compensation package that drives business performance.

Total Rewards Philosophy

This set of guiding principles will cover all of the rewards employees receive in exchange for working at your organization including compensation, benefits, work/life balance, career development, etc.  

Salary Guidelines

Managers and Talent Acquisition will have clear guidance on making equitable salary offers, leadership will be provided clear instructions for making promotional and mobility decisions, and all pay programs will be fully articulated.

Incentive Plan Design

A scalable incentive program aligned with the business strategy and financial structure that motivates and serves as a differentiator for your talent.

Communication Plan

Effectively roll out your new compensation program to your team and help them understand how it affects them personally.


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