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Posts Tagged ‘Applicant Tracking System’

Recruiting Review: 5 Secrets to Avoid Hiring Problems

October 5, 2015

Let’s just say it: hiring is not easy. There is a tremendous amount of work that is involved to ensure you are making the right selection for your organization. In fact, that’s why many of our clients come to us to do full-cycle recruiting and recruitment process improvement audits....

Biggest Problems of Manually Tracking Applicants

March 26, 2014

Is your firm dependent upon talent acquisition to grow your revenue and bottom line? Are you struggling with the decision about buying an applicant tracking system (ATS) because of cost? The cost of a fully automated ATS can range from several thousand dollars to greater than $30,000...

Best Ways to Display Good Faith Efforts in Affirmative Action Compliance

February 7, 2014

As a Practice Leader here at Helios I have an opportunity to work with many government contractors grappling with the record keeping requirements of maintaining their Affirmative Action Plans. Commonly referred to as an AAP, the plan is subject to scrutiny by the Office of Federal Contracting Compliance...