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Posts Tagged ‘change management’

How to Best Manage a Company Reorganization

February 19, 2020

I was recently in an HR role for a non-profit that was going through a restructuring. The new CEO (formerly the COO of five years), felt this change would streamline business practices and allow growth for the organization. No matter the industry, this term can seem jarring at first,...

Why DIY Change Management is NOT a Best Practice

October 19, 2017

The term ‘change management’ hurts my brain. It doesn’t do justice to the very important work of transition and transformation. Repositioning a company for product, financial, market, and competitive advantages is very important work. Many practitioners of change management hold to strict process constructs, when in fact they should...

Contingent Workforce Change Management Strategies

June 16, 2017

There is great interest in the topic of Change Management (CM) among my clients these days. I always tell them for a moment, forget the angst that goes along with a new organizational management buzz concept, new models, acronyms, and the “OMG something else to learn anxiety!” Consider this...

HR Challenge: Wanting Change Vs. Willingness to Change

February 23, 2016

Often times when an organization is approaching a new direction that impacts individuals and teams, HR is tasked with the responsibility of change management. Change management can be something as small as a new process or policy change to a larger scale approach such as a new strategy, executive...

How to Avoid Problems with Organizational Change

November 21, 2014

In any organization, there is one thing that is guaranteed, there will be change. There will be those who don’t want change. Most people are resistant to change because like staying in their comfort zone. You are familiar with the sayings, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” and...

4 Problems Companies Make with Management Training

November 6, 2014

You have made the excellent decision to invest in management or leadership training for your company. You are excited about the potential for change and ready to see improvement in your workforce. As you are making a substantial investment in your people, make sure you set up your team...

How to Best Prepare for a Change in Senior Management

September 19, 2014

A change in your senior management team can be an interesting time for your organization. The change can either go one of two ways: it can be a smooth process where a new leader comes in and helps steer your company to new heights or it can turn into...

CEO Spotlight: Joe Mechlinski of entreQuest

October 14, 2013

This month we interviewed, Joe Mechlinski, CEO and co-founder of entreQuest and New York Times Bestselling Author of Grow Regardless: Of Your Business's Size, Your Industry or the Economy…and Despite the Government! We thought during this time of economic hardship, Joe might have ideas on how we can continue...

How to Ease the Succession Planning Process

July 19, 2013

Many businesses do not have a succession plan in place, which means after the decision has been made for an executive team member to leave, organizations aren't quite sure what to do next. While this can be a time filled with uncertainty, the following steps can ease the...

Leadership Spotlight: Kay Curling, SVP & CHRO of Salient Federal Solutions

June 17, 2013

Apollo Honoree, Salient Federal Solutions, shares the challenges of merging two cultures and what they do to help employees engage and embrace the change. Read more about how Salient brings cultures together in this interview with their Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, Kay Curling, below. Helios:...