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Posts Tagged ‘corporate culture’

Social Media Sourcing Strategies: A Top Recruiting Trend for 2017

December 15, 2016

A Review of a Top Recruiting Trend for 2017 A top recruiting trend we’re seeing for 2017 at Helios HR is a shift between social media platform use. For years, we’ve seen recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary tool to find passive candidates. As this site continues to become...

Is Your Business Facing Serious People Problems?

July 18, 2016

Human Resources experts see obvious value in creating organizational cultures that attract and retain exceptional people, yet we find it’s not always easy to convince other business leaders to focus on culture. In fact, lots of times, when we talk about spending time or resources on improving culture, leaders...

Lessons from Leaders: Best Practices in Executing Corporate Growth Strategies

April 8, 2016

Organizational growth can be based on a number of different strategies, including growing capacity, expanding or changing customer base, or offering new or upgraded products or services.  Further, strategies may be executed using different tools, including organic or acquisition based growth.  Regardless of strategy, there are common lessons learned...

Review Your Company Culture: The Top 5 Things That Matter

March 24, 2016

Culture develops in every organization. Employers can intentionally guide the environment with visible, well-developed values. Integral to creating a cohesive and collaborative environment in the face of change and conflict, particularly with mergers and acquisitions is an honest assessment of the current climate. Whether organizations are looking to enhance...

A Review of the Hottest Word: Culture

March 14, 2016

In 2014, Merriam-Webster announced “Culture” as the top word of the year as shown by the increase in look ups over the prior year.  Not surprising as it seems to appear in regular conversations more frequently.  As it relates to organizational culture, we’re referring to the unwritten expectations of what...

How to Attract and Retain the Best Employees for Your Business

September 10, 2015

While on client site, sitting in Leadership meetings, attending training, there is always one key initiative all companies are talking about right now: How do we attract top talent and, how do we get those people to stay? There is a war on talent happening in today’s world and...

What a Toxic Culture Can Cost You

February 10, 2015

We have all seen it. Whether it be firsthand experience, or tales that were shared by the water cooler, you are probably aware of the toxic cultures that exist in the working world. A toxic culture is like an ominous cloud that hangs over a company threatening to unleash...

The Biggest Problems Companies Make with Management Training

November 6, 2014

So your company has made the excellent decision to invest in management or leadership training. You are excited about the potential for change and ready to see improvement in your workforce. But, are you really doing everything you can as an organization to make the training effective? At Helios,...

CEO Spotlight: Joe Martore of CALIBRE Systems

April 14, 2014

This month we interviewed Joe Martore, CEO of CALIBRE Systems. As they celebrate their 25th year of operations, Joe shares the success of CALIBRE is directly related to their corporate employee-ownership culture which focuses on their values, their customers and taking care of their employees. Read more about their...

Problems with Standard Approaches to Human Resources (HR)

January 27, 2014

HRM best practices can be highly dependent on the organizational culture, demographic composition, socio-economic factors, employer size and resources, and lastly the legal/ regulatory environment in which the organization is operating. Seemingly, an HRM best practice that is effective in one environment can’t simply be adopted and implemented...

Up or Out Policies for Organizations: Everything You Need to Know

November 5, 2013

Have you ever considered an Up or Out personnel policy? While traditionally used in the military and academics, I recently had a client shift their career development approach to an Up or Out policy in order to attract, retain, and motivate high performing individuals. What is an Up or...

Top 10 Accelerators for Business Growth

September 11, 2013

Recently I was interviewed by Ingar Grev of The Strategic Business Forum. Ingar was interested to hear about what has worked for me as an entrepreneur, contributing to the success of Helios, and what advice and counsel would I give my colleagues—basic 'lessons learned' as a CEO. How appropriate...