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Posts Tagged ‘Employee Handbook’

Common Problems with a Employee Handbooks

February 12, 2014

The purpose of an employee handbook is to provide a consistent means of communication regarding policies, best practices and resources for everyone within the organization. The handbook is a guide that allows managers as well as staff to understand the expectations of role and responsibilities. However, there...

What to Consider When Creating or Updating a Severance Policy

October 17, 2013

There may be various reasons why organizations update or create a formalized severance plan. When referring to a severance plan, we mean a payment provided to an employee, or a group of employees, that are involuntarily terminated due to a reduction in force/downsizing, change in company direction, job elimination,...

Managing Performance: How to Give An Employee Feedback for Poor Performance

September 26, 2013

As HR consultants, clients often approach us seeking guidance on how to manage an employee who is under performing in their current role.  By the time a manager has decided to approach HR with the situation they are often frustrated with the poor performance and are seeking HR intervention.  ...