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Posts Tagged ‘government shutdown’

Best Practices for Employee Morale During the Impending Government Shutdown

September 24, 2015

Midnight, Sept. 30, is looming and without a continuing resolution or bipartisan appropriation agreement, the likelihood of a government shutdown increases. Employers must be prepared to manage workloads and morale. It is well known that low employee morale negatively impacts productivity and engagement. It’s therefore critical that employers consider...

CEO Spotlight: Joe Mechlinski of entreQuest

October 14, 2013

This month we interviewed, Joe Mechlinski, CEO and co-founder of entreQuest and New York Times Bestselling Author of Grow Regardless: Of Your Business's Size, Your Industry or the Economy…and Despite the Government! We thought during this time of economic hardship, Joe might have ideas on how we can continue...

Government Shutdown: What Does It Mean For Employers?

September 25, 2013

Here we are again; news of a potential government shutdown is looming over the national capital region. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that we were coping with sequestration and the potential to have to institute furloughs for our employees? What does it mean if the...