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Posts Tagged ‘HRIS’

Biggest Problems of Manually Tracking Applicants

March 26, 2014

Is your firm dependent upon talent acquisition to grow your revenue and bottom line? Are you struggling with the decision about buying an applicant tracking system (ATS) because of cost? The cost of a fully automated ATS can range from several thousand dollars to greater than $30,000...

How to Select the Best HRIS Technology for Your Business

August 28, 2013

Making the decision to purchase an HRIS system is an expensive and time-intensive commitment for any organization. To find the one that is best suited for your organization entails research and due diligence. There are many systems on the market with all different features and...

Top Reasons for Small and Medium Businesses to Consider HRIS

April 6, 2011

Is your business growing or expecting growth? Are more and more of your employees working remotely and across the country? How can a small or medium-sized organization manage these challenges along with new compliance obligations that accompany these changes without adding HR staff? With the right technology, your remote...