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Posts Tagged ‘interview process’

The Best Strategies for a Successful Search

September 8, 2014

Many organizations today have the latest technology and the greatest physical resources.  But if those organizations do not have the right people, they will always struggle to achieve the results they desire. Here are some of the most important components of a successful search I’ve learned over the years...

8 Ways to Build Trust with your Employees

October 1, 2013

As a recruiting consultant, I find building trust with an employee starts at the onset of the employee life cycle: when you are recruiting for a vacancy. During this time, the prospective employee is trusting the job will be as it is described in the advertisement, the company culture...

How to know if you are the Right Fit for the Role – Interviewing Tips from a Senior Recruiter

April 24, 2013

Between making sure you have a perfect cover letter and resume, contacting leads to get the advantage over competition and following through on your application and interviews, looking for a new opportunity can sure seem like a full-time job. Read here to learn interviewing tips from a senior recruiter.