By: Kathy Albarado on April 3rd, 2010

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An Argument for Privatizing Health Care!

Today my 17-year-old daughter returned from Senegal, Africa with her French class. I admire the tenacity of the 11 students and 2 teachers who visited the third world country to experience a culture unlike their own. Having participated in a teacher exchange program, the students at Oakton High School visited their former exchange teacher, Mr. Jobe,  who returned to his native country in June of 2009.  The group was in Senegal for a period of 10 days.

What does this have to do with health care you say? I regress only temporarily to tell you that in order to prepare for a trip of this magnitude it became necessary to ensure that my daughter was up on those shots necessary to ensure her protection. Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Meningitis, even HINI and the 'regular' strain of flu.

Imagine my dismay when her life long doctor's office (she has been treated there since she was an infant) could not advise me on the appropriate preventive measures we would need to take to mitigate her risk of infection and disease. They referred me to a private health care provider, HealthSmart Vaccines. Not surprisingly, that was the same group that came onsite to the Helios offices last fall and administered the Flu vaccine for all interested parties.

My experience with the staff at HealthSmart exceeded my expectations! They were not only knowledgeable regarding the specific vaccines we would need, but educated us both on the climate, culture and helped us understand what to expect in general.  I can't express the comfort I received from Kathy Miller, the RN that vaccinated Amanda.  Kathy agreed to see us on my schedule and there was never a wait!  I tell you, it was a phenomenal experience in customer service. Kathy provided us an incredible amount of comfort and genuine caring.  Although a number of the vaccines were not covered by insurance (nor was the malerone--antimalaria pills), the experience to me was absolutely worth the out of pocket expenditure.  Dick Miles, President of HealthSmart,  also took the time to welcome us and meet Amanda on one of our visits.  (We had to go back when Amanda's doctor's office was out of seasonal flu shots.) How do you put a price on comfort and reassurance? Especially when your child visits a third world country with the threat of new disease and limited health care options should she need them abroad.

HealthSmart also makes house calls... hmmmm.... sounds like a fabulous new way to consider health care to me!

~Kathy Albarado