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Diversity & Inclusion | Employee Relations

By: Helios
July 23rd, 2024

If you've watched the Netflix documentary America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, you'll know that cheerleaders are elite athletes who put their bodies on the line for their team.

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Total Rewards | Benefits

By: Debra Kabalkin
July 18th, 2024

The annual open enrollment period is one of the busiest times in your HR calendar. Everyone involved will have to handle queries, process requests—and firefight the occasional crisis.

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Total Rewards | Benefits

By: Amy Dozier
July 16th, 2024

Reviewing your employee benefits can be an arduous process. You’ll spend time working with your broker to explore the market, find the best options, and agree on a reasonable employee/employer premium split.

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Benefits | Best Practices | Employee Relations

By: Connie Maniscalco
July 15th, 2024

Should you be reading this, chances are your organization has recently gone through the process of Open Enrollment for employee benefits.

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By: Robin Simmons
July 8th, 2024

When employees hear the words, "We're being acquired," their minds often race to the worst-case scenario. They ask questions like: Is my job security at risk? Can I continue with my professional development plan? How will this affect our existing workplace culture?

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Business Management & Strategy | Best Practices

By: Amy Dozier
July 2nd, 2024

If Human Resources was once a purely back-office function, that’s not true today. 89% of CEOs now say that HR leaders are vital strategic partners, which shows the changing role of Human Resources in the C-Suite.