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Is employee turnover stunting your business from productivity and growth?

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Don’t jeopardize the performance and productivity of your business. Get back on track to achieving your revenue goals by tackling the root cause of disengagement with our employee engagement tools and consulting services.

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Workplace Reopening

Thinking about returning to the office soon? Our team will help you prepare for the workplace reopening and think through all of the considerations that come along with it.

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Engagement Insights (1)

Engagement Insights

Do you know if your organization has a culture that motivates, empowers, challenges and respects employees? Gain an increased awareness of the employee experience.

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Leadership Coaching

Do you feel like there is a misalignment on your leadership team? Our facilitated program will improve communication and create clarity for your business.

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Total Rewards

Are you curious to know if your total rewards package is market competitive? Let's take a look at your salary structures, recognition program, and career progression opportunities.

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Helios HR engagement survey tool dashboard
Employee Survey Tool

Strengthen Engagement & Drive Workforce Performance

Surveys evaluating employee engagement serve as valuable tools for assessing workplace satisfaction, commitment, and perception of organizational culture. Employers can leverage these surveys to collect data and develop action plans to bolster employee motivation, morale, and retention. 

What's the process for employees?

What types of questions are included?

What happens after the survey is deployed?

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Helios HR engagement survey tool dashboard
Engagement Survey Tool

Actually Measure Your Employee Engagement

Stop guessing what’s creating your engagement problem. Take a deeper dive into specific data that will uncover your barriers to growth with Helios HR’s engagement survey and consulting services.


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“You have been an advisor, mentor, fixer-upper, and most importantly, a listener.  Leadership is all about who you have with you at the table - and I am so glad you have been with me at the table through this time.”

S. Danny Rajan | Former President & CEO, SDL Government

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