Compensation & Benefits Consulting

Align your employee compensation and total rewards with your business strategy to attract, engage and retain top talent.

Compensation Consulting

Total Rewards Philosophy Development

Set clear communications on how your organization approaches total rewards and compensation practices.

Salary Administration

Provide clarity with salary administration guidelines for managers regarding how pay decisions are made, factors considered, and the process.

Salary Structure

Establish an internal job worth hierarchy to show the progression of the complexity of work, job responsibilities, and job requirements. A salary structure will also serve as a framework for pay practices in support of legal and regulatory requirements and guide management in making pay decisions.

Job Leveling & Job Descriptions

Having accurate depictions of the job roles at your organization will help with hiring and retaining employees. Additionally, employees and managers can leverage this information for career planning and identifying career progression opportunities.

Compensation Benchmarking

Do you know how your compensation compares to today's market? An annual review is considered a best practice. Get insight into the external market rates you need to know for your organization's positions.

Employee Pay Equity Review

Identify if your organization's salaries are internally consistent and market competitive externally and gain awareness if any discrepancies exist.

Merit Budget Planning

Ensure you remain market competitive with merit pay practices by creating a framework for the allocation of merit increases based on performance level.

Executive Compensation

Get insight into external market rates and typical package elements for executive-level positions within an organization.

Bonus & Incentive Plan Design

Drive organizational success and employee engagement through a market-competitive total rewards program, providing additional ways for employees to earn compensation.

Rewards & Recognition

Institute financial parameters for reward and recognition programs to ensure spending is aligned with budget needs and the amount of the reward is appropriate based on the value of the contribution while driving employee performance and engagement.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Benefits Consulting

Attract, motivate and retain top talent with your compensation and benefits package and employee support services. Our compensation and benefits consultants can help you navigate this advancing marketplace with industry insight and expertise.

Benefits Benchmarking

Program Design, Evaluation & Implementation

Communication Strategies

Benefits Administration

Employee Benefits Consulting

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