By: Natalie O'Laughlin on December 14th, 2017

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Helios Shares Employer Guidance on Sexual Harassment with WAMU 88.5


WASHINGTON-- Helios HR a leading human capital consulting firm shares guidance on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace with NPR affiliate, WAMU 88.5. Within a week after national reports of high-profile sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood, Editor and Reporter, Carmel Delshad interviewed Principal Consultant, Kim Moshlak of Helios HR for her expertise. 

After news stories and the #metoo movement, social media has taken on a large role in giving people a new way to report and talk about harassment. “The ability for people to sit back at home and write about themselves publicly and let that get out into the world and then have folks respond, has freed a lot of people to be able to have those conversations publicly,” Moshlak said.

A business's reputation will have damaging impact if they aren't taking sexual harassment seriously, both from a consumer and candidate/employee standpoint. After the recent allegations going public, Helios HR noticed a vast influx in companies seeking advice and counsel or requests for sexual harrassment training. Moshlak shared, “Most of the time when folks are getting to me, they’re wanting to figure out how to solve the problem they’ve run into, and how to prevent others.” One positive that’s come from these high-profile sexual harassment charges is that they’ve led to more of a focus on prevention. 

Listen to the orginial article and read the full guidance on WAMU

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