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COVID-19 Resources

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What Are Other Businesses Doing?


Across our client base and discussions with industry leaders in the Mid-Atlantic, we are seeing the following industry trends:

  • Industry-Driven Impact: We have seen a spike in hiring in the biomedical and healthcare fields and a decrease or a hold on positions for commercial and non-essential government contractors. If hiring is put on hold, organizations are using this time to build their passive candidate pipelines to ensure a quick start-up when business resumes as usual.
  • Candidates: Candidates who are in secure positions are more hesitant to consider making a move right now. Candidates in unstable markets (hospitality, retail, etc.) are anxious to find new opportunities. Candidates are viewing companies that are operating in a virtual capacity as more progressive thinking and they are attracted to companies with this mind-set.
  • Virtual Processes: Many companies are implementing virtual HR processes for recruiting, onboarding, etc. Interviews are being conducted at the same pace, and existing tools are being used to conduct virtual interviews (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype). Clients who had job fairs scheduled have transitioned them to a virtual job fair(s).
  • Clearances and Background Checks: For positions needing a clearance check or a specific background check, the process has slowed significantly. In most areas, there are no options or resources for fingerprinting. With universities shut-down, education verifications are not able to be completed. Companies have begun accepting physical copies of diplomas to verify employment and degree requirements.



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Let's Get Through This Together

This circumstance we are all experiencing isn't normal. However, we can lead through this new normal together and keep your business moving forward for the future. Please note, as of March 10th, Helios made the decision to operate in a virtual capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our employees, their families, and our clients safe.

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