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Need to enhance your compensation structure? Allow Helios’ compensation specialists to develop a compensation philosophy and strategy intended to grow with your business as your attract, retain and engage a high performing team.

How to Create an Annual Compensation Plan

There are several moving parts that comprise a successfully run Compensation practice, and getting it all done can be a daunting task. Having a plan in place and taking it one day (and quarter) at a time will result in impactful and momentous results for the entire organization. This is a lot of information to take in and plan for; however we find that our clients who have an established performance management process, a defined compensation structure, incentive plans that align to company strategy and a compensation philosophy that ties everything together are the ones who can navigate this issue without pulling out their hair!

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The Impact of Having an Effective Salary Structure

What an Effective Salary Structure Can Do For Your Business It is common for organizational leaders to dwell on what percentage salary increases to give to employees, how much they should offer to a candidate that they’re looking to hire, or even what compensation should be provided to an employee who has changed jobs internally […]

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How to Best Approach Reducing the Gender Wage Gap at Your Organization

What Organizations Can Do to Reduce the Gender Pay Gap During a recent interview about gender pay equity on Freakonomics with Harvard economics professor Claudia Goldin, she noted that the reasons for the existence of the gender pay gap in the United States are varied and complex. For organizations that are interested in promoting pay […]

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Top 4 Incentive Plan Design Trends

One of the most effective ways to ensure company performance is sustained and primed for growth, is to design and implement a variable pay program that links employee performance to bottom line success.

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Incentive Program Design Project Review: A Client Success Story

The Incentive Plan Problem A growing consulting firm with employees across the United States and internationally engaged with Helios HR to enhance their current incentive plan to align with the current and future business strategy.  This business had previously designed and implemented a successful incentive program to drive the behaviors of their consultants; and as […]

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The Best Approach to Variable Pay

I have to be honest about something. The past couple of weeks of my life can easily be characterized as blissful, upbeat and downright thrilling! To the naked eye, one might think the levity in my step is due to summer’s dynamic and awe-inspiring energy or the fact my week long vacation is right around […]

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A Review of the Top Incentive Plan Design Trends for Small Business in 2016 – 2017

One of the main factors that contributes to the United States being a world super power is in large part due to its economy. While in recent years the US economy has suffered major setbacks and the deterioration of many industries due to offshoring and certain product lines becoming obsolete, the broader economic landscape has […]

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