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Solutions for Your HR Leader Vacancy

Are you experiencing a transition in your HR department? We can help...quickly.

Considering a Retained Search?

The cost of selecting the wrong person can run into the hundreds of thousands, not to mention the potential negative impact to employee morale and productivity. According to a study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), it could cost up to five times a bad hire’s annual salary. With precise attention to detail, diligent research and focus, extensive pipelines and networks, and expertise in all areas of recruiting, a retained search firm will deliver a thorough and efficient recruiting process which produces top candidates quickly bringing greater impact and value to your organization.

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Hiring Managers: How to Best Determine New Hire Pay

Picture it: you have just concluded your interview and shaken hands with the ideal candidate who has all of the qualities and qualifications you are looking for in order to fill your open role and you quickly rush back to office to get in contact with your Recruiter to let them know you want to […]

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The Best Strategies for a Successful Search

Many organizations today have the latest technology and the greatest physical resources.  But if those organizations do not have the right people, they will always struggle to achieve the results they desire. Here are some of the most important components of a successful search I’ve learned over the years as a Recruiting Consultant for rapidly […]

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Hiring an Interim HR Consultant vs. Hiring a Temp Agency

Let’s say that your HR Director resigns unexpectedly.  Or he or she goes on an unplanned leave of absence.  What do you do?  These situations can be vexing, particularly when there’s no time to plan and all of a sudden, someone must step into the role.  One strategy that many companies pursue is hiring a temporary employee through a staffing agency.  Especially when there is an obvious and urgent need for someone to handle the day-to-day activities, this can seem like a smart thing to do.  But hiring a consultant instead has some significant advantages... Read more >>>

How to Know When to Hire HR for the First Time

As an outsourced HR consultant, I regularly work with small businesses in need of support in Human Resources. Often these businesses are either in a start-up mode or have a small footprint and need part-time, efficient support to move their businesses forward. That work can sometimes be tactical, and sometimes strategic, and so hiring an […]

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How to Make the Best, Compelling Offer to Top Talent

Very recently I had a conversation with the COO and CFO of a client regarding a top candidate who had turned down an offer.  They were shocked and confused.  They had offered the candidate the compensation she requested and had thrown in a few small perks, but it unfortunately wasn’t enough to seal the deal.  […]

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The True Cost of a Bad Hiring Decision

According to Monster.com, reports show that 46% of recruiters surveyed in the Mid-Southeast stated more than half their openings are difficult to fill. The current economic environment has created additional challenges for employers and recruiters when searching for potential candidates and making hiring decisions. Problems Occur When You Make a Bad Hiring Decision Hiring the […]

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