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Employee Engagement Survey

Measuring Employee Experience

Helios HR’s Employee Engagement Survey is a research-based model of employee performance and engagement. Our survey measures barriers to growth and four key components of engagement that drive workforce performance.

Culture of Engagement

Does your organization have a culture that motivates, empowers, challenges and respects employees?

Motivating and Retaining
Strategic Alignment
Managing Execution

Survey Questions

Helios HR's Employee Engagement Survey will help you discover and understand employee perceptions of their day-to-day experiences at your organization. We have 50 standard statistically-validated survey questions and five open-ended options. The survey can also be customized to ensure the messaging aligns with your unique culture.

Completion Time

On average, it takes participants just 7 minutes to complete the survey!

Employee Experience Survey

Interactive Results Dashboard

User-Friendly Design

Results of the survey are presented through our user-friendly interactive online dashboard providing a holistic view of engagement.

Key Drivers of Engagement

Identifies key drivers of engagement and disengagement within the organization.

Group Demographics

View results by any demographic group identified pre-survey (i.e. location, manager, department).

Industry Benchmarks

Compare industry benchmarks on standard survey items.

Team Dynamics

Gain insight into team dynamics and the alignment of responses within a given team.

360 Reviews

Mini-360 reviews of managers by analyzing the responses within manager groups

Data Analysis

Multiple ways to review results [Heat-Map, Cross-Tab Table, Two-Factor, Gap Analysis].

Action Planning

Flag survey items as desired goals and create tasks, deadlines and track progress.


Easy to export survey data at any demographic level.

Other Key Features

Year-Over-Year Analysis

Your first-year survey serves as your benchmark for progress towards goals.  Year over year survey data is integrated into your interactive dashboard, providing measurable progress towards goals year-over-year.

Turnover Insight

We upload employee data on the back-end while maintaining full anonymity in reporting results, allowing the survey dashboard to interpret which employees have left the organization since your last survey and provide insight into what components of engagement may be causing employees to leave.

Pulse Surveys

Once your overall engagement has been measured through our full survey and you’ve identified actions to improve engagement, pulse surveys can be administered to measure progress and course correct, as necessary, throughout the year.  Our pulse surveys typically include our 20 core engagement survey items and up to 3 additional survey items that are specific to your organization’s engagement goals. Pulse survey results are integrated into the dashboard along with your annual engagement survey results.  *Additional fee applies.

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