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Learning Management System

HR Tech Outlook Top 10 Corporate LMS Solution Providers

The Helios LMS offers a comprehensive solution for organizations wishing to implement a robust and engaging training platform, providing clients both a Learning Management System (LMS) and content to support training and development goals.

Key Features of the Helios Learning Management Solution

Employer Branding

When implemented, the Helios LMS will look and feel like an integrated piece of your business operations, branded with your logo and company colors.

Unlimited Custom Courses with User-Friendly Course Builder

In addition to available courses, the Helios LMS solution allows you to create company-specific training solutions and push them out to your workforce via online delivery.  Little or no experience building your own training content? Not a problem! The course builder in the Helios LMS solution requires minimal technical expertise to create and rollout training programs internally. Leverage existing internal content or web-based content within the course builder.

Customizable Learning Paths

While your employees will have access to the full suite of training videos, the Helios LMS solution offers the ability to create custom learning paths for users. Learning paths can be created at the individual user level, to drive performance, or at the user-type level to ensure consistent foundational training of all resources.

iOS and Android Helios LMS Mobile Applications

All content offered through the Helios LMS is mobile compatible.  Additionally, the Helios LMS solution offers your employees access to Helios iOS and Android mobile applications, at no charge, allowing them to access their training at their convenience.

Post-Training Assessment Engine

Quiz users on content covered and establish minimum assessment scores for training to be considered complete


Encourage development and engage employees through optional gamification features including badges, points, levels, rewards, and leaderboards.


Design and deliver certifications to users upon completing specific courses in the Helios LMS.

Survey Engine

Leverage the Helios LMS as a survey engine, allowing you to collect and analyze responses to survey questions.

Mass & Automated Communication Capabilities

Easily notify one individual or groups of employees about changes in training requirements or send reminders about upcoming due dates for training through the Helios LMS.

Cloud-Based Solution Built on Modern Web Standards with Single Sign-On Capabilities

Engage employees with your modern and easy to navigate training solution.

Strong Security Protocols

We take information security seriously and know you do too.  Our security measures are designed to prevent breaches and system hacks and protocols are in place to respond to potential threats.

Helios HR LMS Content

employee training videos

Micro-Learning Format

The industry is trending towards engaging training videos that cover key components of the training topic without the fluff of your typical one hour video per topic.  Our attention spans don’t allow most adult learners to absorb an hour-long training session. The majority of the content available in the Helios LMS follows the micro-learning approach to training.

Other Key Benefits:

  • Studies show that employees are more likely to self-engage in training when micro-learning content is available.
  • Lower opportunity cost; reducing the amount of time employees spend to accomplish training requirements
  • Impactful results through targeted and resonating messages

Regular Content Updates

Our content providers regularly update their training to reflect compliance/regulatory changes and to reflect industry best practices. Helios HR will maintain the content database and manage monthly updates to your content database.  You will be provided advance notice of courses to be removed from the platform with mapping to suggested alternative or updated courses to successfully manage your training solution.

Extensive Library

Employees have access to over 5,000 training courses spanning key topics including:

topics to train employees on

Benefits of the large content library made available through the Helios LMS Solution:

  • Create Learning Paths with content that fits your organization’s training needs and culture
  • Provide employees access to content that supports their personal and professional development goals
  • Be prepared when the unexpected training needs arise with content already loaded into your company LMS