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Helios HR and Workforce Learning Partner to Offer Learning Program


Helios HR and Workforce Learning Partner to Offer Cohort Learning Program
Six Month Training Program Provides Targeted Learning Opportunities Allowing Businesses to Build Strong Management Teams

RESTON, VIRGINIA (October 12, 2006) – A strategic alliance was announced today between Helios HR, a leading provider of outsourced human resource services and consulting, andWorkforce Learning, a leading provider of management and leadership development programs. The result of the partnership is the Cohort Learning Program, a targeted management and leadership development training program that provides a sequence of integrated topics that address the key components of effectively managing people and resources.

The six-month program consists of a sequence of workshops occurring once per month and attended by a peer group of managers experiencing common business challenges. In addition to being led through a series of comprehensive training sessions which build upon each other, participants will collaborate with each other for mutual learning and support. In order to facilitate constant application between program sessions, participants also will receive private coaching sessions to address specific, confidential day to day challenges. The ultimate goal is to create a development and support network that can continue long after the structured workshops are completed.

The Cohort Learning Program will address management and leadership challenges in the workplace including, but not limited to:

  • Building a line of business while maintaining productivity
  • Building effective employee work team
  • Managing conflicts in a way that generates new ideas
  • Retaining and developing employees
  • Structuring strategic and tactical communication
  • Providing effective feedback to employees in order to enhance performance
  • Holding employees accountable

“In our work with clients we often discover that strong individual contributors are promoted into leadership roles without the benefit of structured training to prepare them. Helios HR is extremely pleased to offer the Cohort Learning Program with Workforce Learning, as it will enhance essential leadership skills of participants,” says Kathy Albarado, President of Helios HR. “Organizations will now have the opportunity to send their leaders to effective training programs that will allow them to develop valuable management skills, learn from each other’s experiences and receive the necessary strategic guidance they need most.”

“Workforce Learning and Helios HR are a perfect combination for organizations as they seek practical, affordable solutions to help train their management teams,” stated Dr. Alice Waagen, President of Workforce Learning. “We are excited to offer a targeted training program for companies that want to build successful management teams.”

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Workforce Learning LLC provides organizations with the skills, knowledge and experience to build a positive and productive work climate that supports the people side of business. Research studies show that the principal reason why people fail on the job is the absence of these “people skills.” We excel at providing programs and services that educate people who are experts in their chosen fields so that they can be to be equally successful in their interpersonal relations. For additional information please visit the website at

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