By: Kathy Albarado on March 25th, 2010

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Is it Time to Make a Change?

Business Management & Strategy

What Got You Here, Won't Get You There, written by executive coaching guru Marshall Goldsmith, helps us discover the 20 workplace habits you need to break if you have an interest in becoming even more successful.

Think about it. Often times, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness. As leaders we must learn to apply our strengths selectively and learn in which situations they can do more harm than good. At Helios I pride myself in believing that we have a 'feedback rich culture'.  High potential employees and star performers are very good at receiving feeddback. They don't become defensive as they desire to improve their performance. They take accountability for their actions.

In Goldsmith's book he trys to help us discover what is holding us back from the next level of  success.  The very attributes that may have lead to our success: drive/self reliance/determination/impatience--could now be the things holding us back. 

A colleague recently shared with me her theory that to really change a behavior that is impeding your growth either a major life altering event must occur (that "aha" moment) or you may "suffer a thousand cuts" before you are motivated to make the change.  It's like the saying "when the student is ready,  the teacher will appear." 

In chapter 13 of  Goldsmith's book he stresses how most people believe that they will work on behavior change when things slow down long enough that they can focus on making the change.   When we get over this next hurdle, when the next big project has been completed, when we have time! 

Goldsmith encourages us to recognize that the time to change is 'now'.   He asks us to ask ourselves, "What am I willing to change now?"  Just ask that one question.  It will be enough, for now.

~Kathy Albarado