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Timely blog posts by HR and Recruiting consultants responding to every day questions, hot topics and compliance-related news as it relates to attracting, engaging and retaining talent.

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Business Management & Strategy | Talent Acquisition

By: Lauren Shreve
June 5th, 2023

Human resources leaders play a crucial role in every organization.

Blog Feature

Business Management & Strategy | Employee Relations

By: Connie Maniscalco
May 5th, 2023

It's a hot labor market right now, and leaders in all industries are struggling to recruit. This could be bad news, even if you're not actively hiring. A competitive labor market means that employers will go to extreme measures to headhunt the best people—including the people on your team.

Blog Feature

Business Management & Strategy | HRIS

By: Ber Leary
April 25th, 2023

Two words have already come to define HR technology in 2023: Artificial Intelligence. The rise of tools like ChatGPT is a concern for many, with 40% of Americans concerned about losing their jobs to AI.

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Business Management & Strategy | Recruitment outsourcing

By: Krystal Freeman
April 17th, 2023

Whatever you think about Glassdoor, one thing is certain—you can’t ignore it. Employees know about it, candidates know about it, and Glassdoor rankings often appear at the top of Google search results. 

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Risk Management | Business Management & Strategy

By: Ber Leary
February 13th, 2023

Employee turnover is a natural part of any business. Contracts come to an end, employees move on, and you hire new people to replace them.  

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Business Management & Strategy

By: Ber Leary
January 5th, 2023

As one year ends and another begins, it’s the ideal time to start preparing for the challenges ahead. There are some standard things to put in any preparedness checklist, such as reviewing your staffing plan, ensuring open enrolment is working, and talking to department leaders about their resource and training needs.