By: Krystal Freeman on January 28th, 2021

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How to Deal with Company Culture Problems

Employee Relations

As a recruiter, when speaking with candidates a few of the first few questions I ask are, “Tell me about your company culture? and “What are you looking for in your next job opportunity?”

Responses I often receive include, an environment that allows flexibility,” “a team driven environment”, “a family atmosphere”, “ a place where I can learn and grow”, or “a place where I can make a difference and help take a company to the next level.” In listening to these statements, it provides me with insight into a candidate’s current company culture as well as what the type of culture that they would like to work in.

However, as a leader in your company, do you take the time to listen to your employees after they have been hired?  If not, there may be a few red flags regarding your company’s culture and the potential for a lack of engagement.

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How to identify company culture problems

If you think you have company culture problems, there are a few steps you can take to improve the working environment

Take a look around at your environment.

  • Are your employees lacking enthusiasm for work?
  • Do you get the feeling that what they do for a living is just a “job”?
  • When was the last time you truly talked with your employees?

As a leader in your company, it’s important that you keep your employees engaged, challenge them.

Develop your team 

Help your employees grow professionally by offering them opportunities for advancement, training, and cross-training others within your organization.

Engage your team in decision-making

Take the time to listen to your employees. Their ideas may save you time and money. The employees are the front line for your company and in my opinion, a walking billboard.  Make sure your company billboard represents the positive opinions more frequently than the negative.

Make your values part of day-to-day life

Do you as the leader of your company know the mission, vision and values?  Do the employees know the mission, vision and values of the company?  Of all of the red flags this is probably the brightest!  The mission, vision, and values are the foundation for your company. They are what your company represents and stands for. It starts with you as a leader.

Reach out to your HR department for sources of feedback

HR may recommend, employee engagement surveys and exit interviews. HR may also recommend performance evaluations including a 360-degree evaluation which can provide valuable feedback from team members. 360-degree evaluations not only allow the manager to evaluate the employee, but vice versa where the employee evaluates the manager.

Overcoming company culture problems

As a leader in an organization, it’s up to you to ensure the culture is one that is healthy. If you are unsure take a look at the environment around you in particular your employees. From there, look at your managers.

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